What are the Nightmares Every DIY Web Designer is Fearful of?

Instead of hiring a professional web designer, many people tend to go for DIY website designing that often makes them face some web designing nightmares. We have listed some of the most common ones when you choose to go DIY rather than hiring a professional web design Osborne Park:

  1. No sense of direction

Many DIY web developers require a website, but they aren’t aware of the purpose of their website. They just simply put up a template that goes with their business and fill it according to their wishes. With no understanding of what you are wanting your website to perform, you cannot simply build it to work it for you. In other words, it manages to generate only a few leads from your site and less revenue as well.

  1. Cluttered pages

Many times, we stumble upon the websites with pages which are super loaded with information and but has no kind of purpose to it. DIY web developers usually aren’t aware of what information is required to be put up on those websites or how much of it should be put onto a web page, so they just put everything they could think of at one place. And they are aware of the fact that people want images, so they load the web pages with images as well. In this way, the audience will have to scroll on through until you can find the information you want. And lots and lots of images can lead to longer load times, providing a bad user experience and usually leaving the page before it even loads completely.

  1. Lack of responsive design

Building a website that looks good on computer is simply not sufficient. All the digital devices are created in such a way so as the user can browse the web and look at the websites. When the pages fail to adapt or function properly on these devices, they can cause a bad user experience and none of the use for your business.

  1. Poor SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what that actually drives people to your website. With no SEO, your site may not even exist. DIY website designers often tend to underestimate the power of SEO or they simply don’t understand it. As a result, this leads to fewer people stumbling upon your website and losing the potential revenue due to it.