What Are The Benefits To Robust Cyber Security?

No matter what business or industry you are in, the likelihood that it is incredibly reliant on IT to continue operations is very high. In the past few decades, IT has advanced so much that the vast majority of companies rely on IT in many different forms in order to do business. If this fails, it could mean a complete halt to the business. Many companies identify this as a potential risk, but do they actually do enough in advance to protect their equipment? Or is it only when it is too late that they fully comprehend the impact and learn their lesson?

Preventative Options

Depending on the size and type of business it is, one of the most effective and reliable options on the table is to receive a Penetration Test. This sort of service will look at your IT equipment in totality and recommend, as well as implement, what is best in order to try and prevent an attack. This would include adding software protection to items and maintaining it, which clearly would be a lot more robust than purchasing a disc from a store for $20 and you think that your software is protected, yet sophisticated attacks bypass this and infect your systems.  The team of experts involved in the penetration tests are capable of handling protective systems for applications, mobiles, domains and physical and social engineering. You can now be sure that you are protected as best as virtually possible and that the risk of an attack is at an extreme low, which certainly makes the investment worth it the end.

Cost Benefits

It is sometimes hard to predict the cost benefits of protecting your IT, as depending on which sort of attack breaches your systems there will be different consequences. The most severe will completely bring a company or industry to a halt and potentially offer the company a lift on the breach if they pay a significant amount of money.  Unfortunately, this is becoming far more common globally and many millions have been paid out not only from companies but from governments, in order to have the viruses removed.  Other costs associated with a breach could include legal action against you.  For example, if the security breach allowed your customers personal and maybe even financial details to be shared then they would be compromised, and you would then need to inform them; depending on what specifically was breached could leave you open to litigation issues.

As a result, with the consequences of a breach being pretty significant in relation to costs, it is therefore vital that you spend the right amount of money up front to prevent this. It may not feel like money well spent, and the appropriate stakeholders accountable for the finances may need to be convinced, but if this money is not spent then the potential consequences for you & your business could be absolutely catastrophic in the long run.

Image: Pixabay