Elevate Your Filmmaking Experience with These iPhone Devices

Its sounds silly when you hear someone wants to shoot a film on their smart phone. Is it probable to make a short film or a music video using the technology available in your pocket? Most likely, you can use your iPhones for this purpose which comes with a good camera resolution. However with the use of right usage of iPhone accessories video shooting becomes much more accurate and advanced to make a video or a feature film.

Just like how we use selfie sticks to get great pictures, we use various equipment for video capturing with iPhones that delivers amazing video and sound quality. Let’s run through some of the iPhone devices available in the market that fulfils this desire because apart from a fascinating story we also need sound quality, video clarity and much more.


Sound is the fundamental requirement for filmmaking. Video errors can be altered later, however it becomes challenging to enhance audio errors, if the original audio is distorted and unclear.  Audio quality is essential because it improves the overall watching experience as well as aids the audience to disregard video flaws.

There is a broad range of iPhone microphones available that equips good audio quality and contributes huge output for your film. Device powered microphones are good for live streaming and conducting interviews and exterior microphones are advantageous to uplift the audio quality.


You can capture great pictures with your iPhone camera however it lacks the flexibility to shoot a great video of DSLR quality. Usage of iPhone lenses becomes much more essential, if you are looking at producing best quality video. Give a great bounce and difference to your story by attaching a lens and achieve remarkable output.

Anamorphic lenses, telephoto lenses, macro lenses, fisheye lenses and wide angle lenses are available for iPhones.

Tripods and Stabilizers

Clean footage displays the quality of professional filmmaking and some people settle for less just to complete it. Filmmakers must always accompany a tripod and iPhone stabilizer on the go because it allows you to make adjustments to set the lens and other compositions accurately and freely as well as it grants unshaken and clean footage when you are swivelling the camera around

GripTight GorillaPod Stand is a flexible tripod that can be bent for exact positioning that can capture exclusive angles.

Lighting devices

It is always recommended that filmmakers use appropriate lighting settings while filming which heightens the quality of video. iPhone lighting devices comes at an affordable price which helps in making your footage successful

iPhone lighting devices can be carried in your pocket and comes with features to dim the light at particular intervals as you want

Always analyze your filmmaking needs before investing in these devices. There are a multitude of brands and models available that matches your individual requirement. Using these devices helps us to create individual content successfully and be certain to accompany these light weight devices while leaving home because ideas and opportunities wait for none to come and be prepared to grab it at the first strike.