4 Compelling Reasons to Adopt Email Archiving Solutions

Company emails contain a large percentage of intellectual and proprietary information. As such, email correspondence from one employee to another or from an employee to a client may hold vital information that needs preserving for future reference.

Email archiving in itself is a good business practice. But in addition to ensuring there is sufficient tools for storage and retrieval of vital email communication, companies are also subject to comply with legislation reinforcing the ethical standards relating to email communication. As such, many companies have adopted email archiving solutions as a long-term tool to keep track of large volumes of email communication while at the same time remain compliant with government regulations.

If your company is still using old archiving methods, these reasons may convince you to consider solutions for office 365 email archiving.

  1. Compliance with regulatory requirements

Governmental agencies have established strict requirements for companies regarding email retention and deletion. For companies to comply, they must have an email archiving system that is capable of adequately preserving, protecting, and retrieving vital email communication. This email communication should not be altered and presented upon request within a specific amount of time.

  1. E-discovery and litigation

No matter how conscious a company is in their operation, there is always a chance that they can get embroiled in a lawsuit. Concerning this, the company will be audited and required to produce vast amounts of email communication to support the investigation. With an email archiving solution in place, a company has better chances of producing said communication promptly without costing the company a lot of money. If a company cannot present the email communication requested for ongoing litigation, the company will be subject to fines should they end up losing the case as a result of not having sufficient documentation.

What sets an email archiving solutions tool apart from an ordinary archiving feature is the ability to set storage rules and retention policies which allow for easier and faster retrieval while also keeping the emails protected and unaltered.

  1. Increase data storage capacity

Storage capacity is a common issue encountered by companies dealing with a massive volume of data on a daily basis. Some companies either increase their in-house storage capacity or turn to cloud business intelligence for secondary storage. Similarly, an email archiving solution provides the company with an option to increase email storage capacity via a secondary storage database. By offloading emails and storing them in a dedicated server, company servers perform faster.

  1. Recovery system to ensure business continuity

Another compelling reason why companies today opt for cloud search and office 365 email archiving is to have a business continuity option in place should disasters occur. There have been horror stories of companies losing all data in floods and hurricanes. On the other hand, there are also a lot of companies that benefited from having an email archiving solution in place. The importance of email communication cannot be over emphasized, hence, employing a robust email archiving system is a necessity.